No remorse towards his patients. Crimson hits the floor. These are the tales of some of the more grotesque surgeries.

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Failure. Failure. This whole project was riddled with failure and he could see the board of directors smirking sickly as they took his funding away. Damn them. Could they not see how brilliant this was? The president thought this was mad, but required. 

Failures, the project manager, his assistant was a failure. The whole project was falling out from underneath his feet and the man hated being labeled with a failing project. Of course his fingers, boney and callused had been on the pulse of this project. He would go down with it. Hollander would replace him. 

He couldn’t allow that to happen. The man would not allow that man with all of his terrible theories and incomplete data take over his department. The Professor had been ruling the department with an iron fist for years now, budgets were kept and the whole organization ran smoother under his reign then that of Professor G. Faremis or Professor G. Valentine.

Damn the board. 

Damn the ethics. 

This project needed to work. A file held all of the answers. 

He was brilliant. This idea was brilliant, he laughed. It was a positively mad idea. It would be another small blow to a once great man’s pride. The professor smirked. He had his donor. He knew how he was going to save the Deepground Project.


Yes, he’d be the unwilling, unknown donor.

The dark knight that would end up saving the whole project. 

Fingers twitched slightly at the thought of going near that sleeping shell again. Nibelheim was so far off. He was here in Midgar with the rest of the board. However, they didn’t know that he was six floors below the earth. He would have to leave and retrive it. He needed that donor to fix this mangled mess of a project.

The swirling pillars of Mako gave off a faint glow. He stopped and looked up at it, smirking. To think that a project like this started out with stagnant mako research back in Nibelheim.

He laughed, and the man that embodied the gene was now unwillingly going to give him the key to the second part of the Stagnant Mako Project.

Project Sable.